Working with changemakers and innovators:

planning great work, evaluating impact, and learning by sharing knowledge.

Great River Consulting


Changemakers are doing great work in an ever-changing world.

To ensure the great work continues, changemaking people and organizations need to be responsive and adaptable, seize the right opportunities and implement powerful initiatives. For this to happen you need to be business ready.

Great River Consulting gets you business ready by ensuring that your people, processes, systems and the great work you offer are effective and efficient. When you are business ready, you will continue to deliver lasting positive impact change.  

Great River Consulting offer advisory and implementation services for business readiness:


  • Advisory Services include Strategy, Planning, Research and Evaluation.
  • Implementation Services include Program Management, Program Design, Facilitation and Capacity Building.


For Organizations

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For Practitioners


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Current Activities

Readiness Reboot Seminar – HUB Ottawa

It is a new year, a new fiscal year is around the corner and we have a new government with new priorities. Is your organization prepared to respond to possible changes, seize opportunities and implement powerful initiatives? Let’s review what your organization needs...

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Failure Report: A year of caregiving

Engineers without Borders believes that success is not possible without taking risks and innovating which inevitably means failing sometimes. They also believe that it’s important to publicly celebrate these failures, which allows us to share the lessons more broadly and create a culture that encourages creativity and calculated risk taking. In the realm of non-traditional caregiving for people with intellectual disabilities, innovation is needed, so in that spirit I have created my Failure Report for my first year as my brother’s caregiver.

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United Way Schmoozefest 2015

Proud to be supporting EcoEquitable at the United Way Ottawa's 2015 Schmoozefest. EcoEquitable is a successful and exemplary social enterprise in the Ottawa community. Excited to be considered a "Person to know (P2K)" for this...

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